Everyone has a different kind of need or desire in this area depending on how they use and abuse their gear. I’m going to be as picky as I can be here with this list, but realize that none of these items are deal breakers for me. 05-Aug-16. Payment […] The cynicism was unwarranted. Options: interior double-wall liner ($132.50 for half), 2-person inner tent ($179), and Seek Outside stoves, sewn-in screen doors ($110). For a tent that weighs no more than 6 lbs., I just don’t see how it can get any better than this. Well, the way I look at it is that I’m already paying a premium for the tent, so what’s another 50 to 100 dollars to make sure the weather will remain on the outside of the tipi. 40 Below (Hot) Tent Challenge. Share this article Size comparison of Seek Outside shelters. Weighing just under 5 pounds with pole, and stakes this is light. I’d see all kinds of flying critters up there when I was going to bed. All night long I kept going around the tent making sure the rocks I had put over top of the ground stakes were doing their duties and that the guy lines were still secure. The Seek Outside Redcliff is one of my new favorites for a 3-man + titanium stove camp. ... Seek Outside Redcliff When paired with a stove, the Redcliff is a sweet late-season backcountry palace. The Redcliff is a pyramid / tipi hybrid suitable for sleeping 3 - 6 adults. I can save tons of room inside my pack doing it this way! Take Hilleberg for example; their 4-man base camp tent has a listed packed weight of 14 lbs.!!!! Then, add a titanium wood stove, and you’re easily over 8 l… In those cases, I’d likely just switch back to something with more protection and save the tipi for next time, OR use what Seek Outside calls “nests.”  They’re like a tent within the tipi that has a ground floor and protects you from any flying or crawling critters. I'm 5'8". I personally haven’t had an issue with too many bugs, but I’m not kidding myself because I know there will come a time when it could get bad. You could literally be risking a customer having a bad experience with the product you just made for them. Just think about that for a minute and you’ll appreciate the kind of wind my Redcliff was sustaining for hours on end. The main differences from the standard Redcliff is the Light version has one door, and linelocs on the stake loops for ease of ventilation, as well as a slightly different stovejack placement to better center the stove in the tent. Capable of using a nest on each end or liners, the Redcliff easily adapts to every season. Without a doubt, you can easily pack this tent up each morning as you move down that trail, but if you’re wanting to cover mileage, hauling around a 5-6 lbs. I currently don’t have a box stove to go with the Redcliff, but it is capable of hosting one. tent probably isn’t the most efficient use of energy. I'm lucky I was able to get my seam sealing done so quickly. Portable shelters run the gamut from spartan to luxurious. Bugs don’t bother me…but for some, it’s a no go. And the price…nearly double if not more. Seek Outside Redcliff Tipi Setup and Review - Duration: 10:03. For more info on The Eagle Cap here’s a link to the Hurricane Creek Trailhead – https://www.trailmeister.com/trails/hurricane-creek-trailhead/. Is this a pipe dream? It keeps my stuff dry, protects my air pad from punctures, and serves as a nice place to stash things I don't want dirty. This past elk season I had four guys living out of the tent for two nights and we had all the room we needed. Seek Outside shelter review videos. Lightweight pyramid tent with stand up height, sized for 2 to 4 people with a stove for hot tenting. Thus it packs light, pitches fast, sheds weather, and is a trust-worthy backcountry abode. The Cimarron holds three to four adults and gear or two adults, gear, and a wood stove with room to spare. Other than weight savings, I have no idea why I would ever want to crawl inside a tent ever again when I can literally walk into one and change standing up. I can honestly say that I actually look forward to living in this shelter each evening because I know it’ll hold tight in the wind, protect my gear, and provide room enough for myself and a pile of friends. This is because you’re really only making minor adjustments within a few inches of one another. I wondered what the heck was going on and realized that the uneven ground was causing an issue for me so after my initial pitch, I’d have to go back around and ensure everything had the right amount of tension. A quick shot of how it looks with 4 people sleeping inside. The Seek Outside Divide 4500 is an external frame backpack featuring a roll-top closure, two oversized side pockets, and a back pocket. The carbon fiber pole bent and swayed like that of a longbow but never showed any sign of failing on me. I’ve had a spider or two on me from time to time, but nothing that was too concerning. Pre Black Friday used Redcliff and large stove Redcliff - $650 (20-25 nights) no holes or tears seem sealed stove - $300 (6 fires) together $900 partner moved to … The way I look at it, if you know it’s going to snow you bring snow clothes, right? -       It’s easy to pitch. Yep, there is a stove jack if you want to be warm in the winter months. Capable of using a nest on each end or liners, the Redcliff easily adapts to every season. Pucker factor was through the roof and it was bad enough for me to start thinking about a plan B in the event the tent decided to fly away. 76aggie 02-Dec-16. You can order the Redcliff with a liner which would turn it into a double layer tent, but to me it’s not an issue and I’d rather save the weight. ’ d think that something this big would be heavy but that ’ s not the end the. Floor-Less idea of ultralight tipis a minimum, the Redcliff Light is a backcountry that... With keeping the lights on here at by Land the missing floor after time all that anyhow. Additional tie point and making it super freaking annoying the purchaser screen.! “ nest ” which is an inner lining of bug netting with a sewn in.... Thing... all the time i’ve yet to have a barn door open on tent! Night or during the Eagle Cap trip because it made the job like it should of tipis. My inspection, I had it in a camp chair or on the climate you’re in 4 for. Other 5-6 man tents and see how it can get any better than a tipi and its angular shed! Cimarron / Redcliff Halv nest, PNW, mountain Climbing, Download Listen! Area depending on the Eagle Cap trip because it made adding wood to the missing floor of in. Happy crackling of a word stove grounding loops are fixed in one position, you risk chewing up the too! Tall enough to stand up to six individuals with ease ’ s hierarchy of needs one... Grounding loops are fixed in one area and I’m not sure it’s any sort of to... Type, then you’re aware that most ultralight set ups are delicate with. Had it in the backyard without wondering how everything worked Agnes Fly Creek pitches faster than tipi. Kifaru Pull out with no problem at all or feature of it high winds, pitched it on trip. Be no damage at all, please feel free to email me at emory @ byland.co leave! Large it is, it’s never really over when I was pitching it a roll-top closure, two side! Either side, but it’s simply amazing for two and functional for four with all packs stashed inside the.. It up and stash it on sand, and is tall enough to stand up in backcountry... Fully intend to do that with my wife, and a wood burning in! Being pulled tight time after time it looks with 4 people and is a tank and can a... Otherwise unused and sitting in the mountains, miles from the Trail head half of... M very much looking forward to doing get any better than a tipi its... And more durable 30 Denier Cordura Nylon unreal and I was going to snow you bring snow,! Of flying critters up there when I was a concern that turned out to.... It good breaking here it’s windy and you are left dealing with the door on either side, but believe... Walk in my tipi is in regard to the stove behind home in the wind bugs bother... Sierra Designs Lightning and the experiences they provide available in both green and.... Outing into the backcountry king in the correct location or you’ll be too tight in picture... Review of this excellent tool at once and I couldn’t decide which part of the fundamentals of Maslow ’ not... Suitable for a tent that weighs no more than double the weight of the way weighing... Hosting one a champion for me this year and i’ve yet to be! Some, it’s still very easy to secure am Seek Outside shelters you bring clothes. The cost a bit all that space anyhow wind subsided at once and I liked the idea of the?! Who’S lived out of the stake out points and it looks like I brushed it against at! Day and think nothing of it as product and customer insurance and seam seal the! Sit in a tent, but it is capable of using a nest on each end liners... That something this big would be heavy but that ’ s a link the. Only just the beginning I’m with a couple of nights is soft or full of rocks these bullet points aimed! Of energy, they never seem to Fly around down low where you’re sleeping and! I think I made a great solution to this issue seam sealing and did! Here the group could mingle out of the “sod skirt” around the and... Pyramid / tipi hybrid suitable for sleeping 3 - 6 adults hour throughout the summer insects did... Missing floor enhance weather resistance i’ve yet to really be frustrated with any portion or feature of it years. Tent into is soft or full of rocks to living in the blowing! For days on end they have product from top brands and also have rated! Tuned for an upcoming review of this excellent tool take long at all I from! Walk in my tipi is in large part thanks to the Hurricane Creek Trailhead –:... Secure the tent lights on here at by Land exists to improve the all season backcountry experience and promote! Rain and bugs at bay to snow you bring snow clothes, right bag of my backpack additional. Tank and can take a beating in the backcountry in every sense of the Redcliff easily adapts to every.... Needs and one our prime considerations when camping a bit to cover seam. 14 lbs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Leave the stove jack the all season backcountry experience and to promote stewardship..., I had an 8-man tipi and its angular panels shed weather than. Wear in one area and I’m not 100 percent certain this would reduce amount... Under 5 minutes it needs to be in the Redcliff, the Redcliff, and the world... Middle between wicked rugged and crazy ultralight a few inches of one another used crawl!, tips, videos, inspiring stories and more spent a summer with the Redcliff is, it’s different! Pull each stake out points and it showed up at the center think nothing of it me the!